Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day

May 1st holds a great significance in many countries of the world. It is International Workers Day and a legal holiday in a good number of the countries celebrating it. Being a Thursday, turned it into a four day weekend. For Hungary and 10 other countries, it also marks the day when they all joined the European Union, bringing the total number of EU member states up to 25. More recently, Romania and Bulgaria joined making the current total 27 countries. Ron had a tour at the Museum of Fine Arts and I had a private English lesson to give. After my lesson, I met him at the museum and we walked around Heroes Square where the angel in the center pole was decorated with long streamers. Bands were playing in different parts of the park, dance exhibitions were there to entertain, and the booths were out selling goods and foods to the hordes out for the sunshine. We did not last long; it was too crowded. As we were leaving, there were young people doing break dancing on the stage sending our thoughts back to the 80s. How funny! Did it have a revival or are they just catching up?

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