Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 12

Ron: "Hey... be nice to those of us over 69. whoops, that number is so sexy i don't want to give it up. that will not change as i leave it behind soon. Yeah, yeah, sweet little elfin Ben. He's neat. Good egg too. Here's hoping Alec has performed his magic well by now. The ordeat is nearly over, except for more hours downloading. Mary Ellen and I had a good outing to Oskaloosa. HyVee for part of pharmacy list. Still hunting for Roses tea. Then went to an 1890's bank downtown, now turned into a bookstore named Book Vault. Original vaults , skylights and all. Amazing place with great selections. I was good, although sorely tempted with some of the choices. But I'll wait for Denver where sales and used books more likely. Off now for after dinner walk in the "woods" (the windbreak north of house). But must carefully wend my way through dangerous territory. Wildlife roams between... 10 full grown cats and 10 new kittens. Kinda cute to watch kittens play again."

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