Friday, May 23, 2008

The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 4

Ryan: "CNN has a big story on American Airlines is now charging $15.00 for the FIRST checked bag and more for each other after that. They said that all the American airlines will most likely follow suit. It is supposed to start this week. You may have to pay for your luggage for the national flights unless they can check it through to Europe. Make sure you ask. Desperate Housewives had a kick-ass two episode ending. Of course, I will want to see it again. Been downloading on the kitchen computer, but the settings are not right, so it is very slow. I am up to date with all of our shows. The student who gave me all of those movies also gave me a show called Jericho. It was on for one season and was canceled. The fans had a fit and they did 7 more episodes for 29 total. I watched all of them. The acting was sometimes crappy, the flaws in the story line were out of whack at times for what was happening, yet is was so apropos for what is happening in the States, I would not be surprised if CBS were forced to cancel it. Did you hear that the largest US raid on illegal immigrants was on Postville? The Jews really got it hard. (I use the book on Postville in my Ethnicity class). My Canadian guest brought me three books from my wish list, an apple retes from the Castle shop, and an Edmonton pin and just left for Prague. In an hour, the two from Seattle, husband and wife will leave for Istanbul. In two hours, I have three Germans coming. Changed all of the beds, did one load of sheets, vacuumed, washed breakfast dishes, read e-mail, responded to some, searched the Internet, and now just have to shower between their leaving and the others coming. I found a method to putting the comforter covers on, so it is not the pain I was anticipating. Supposed to go to Steven’s tonight for a gathering. Not sure if I will or not. Have to see how tired I am. There was a major storm the night before last, woke all three guests, but I had no clue what they were talking about the next morning. I slept through it. Ron: "Yeah, we just heard about the new bag charges. Bound to happen. Tonight is finale for Grey's Anatomy- 2 hours. Mary E is a fan and wants to watch. However, i don't know if El and D and Marge and D will be interested. If we watch it, I probably will want to see it again. Forgot to mention, I "Oprahed" it in hotel, and she had all the original Mary Tyler Moore folks on- all except Ted who had passed on. Great to see them all chattering away. Jericho sounds interesting. Yes, I was amazed to see the Postville raids. Over 400 Hispanics arrested. Probably will be sent back. I think the Jewish owners will get hardly a slap, and will hire more aliens. L said some NYC Jewish folks are big investors now. Sounds like our usual very nice guests, but the Canadian went overboard in a good way. Be sure to have lots of hearty bread for the Deutsch gang! So you learned by doing those comforters. I didn't think to show my techniques, but i wrestled and swore at them lots before. I like the IKEA ones best cuz you can reach through the top holes and just pull it in. Speaking of beds, I chose upstairs for privacy, got my urinal and reading lamp, so cozy time. But the nights have been chillllllllly, so I have about 4 quilts on now. Enjoying daily walks. Road grader (maintainer) came by today. One more deja vu moment. Out now to walk to cabin before the storm lands. Rain coming today through Mem Day. I think we're driving to Cedar Rapids Monday to see the Cavies. I hope you're rested enough to enjoy Steven's group. He seems a good egg. Oh forgot to ask about Dem Iguana turn out." Ryan: "You will choke at the Desperate Housewives and Bones last episodes. Steve cancelled the event. Has a stomach bug." Ron: "hi... equally exciting news from here. i had my first tick experience- very exciting. i walked by the red creek, bravely crossed over and went to see the cabin. read more, had nap, just finished bean soup/cornbread hummm dinner with dorothy, el and bern. marge called. they are tired and stopping for the night, four hours from here. locals not happy with their poor planning. however, storms may have influenced them. big, big tornado just east of ft. collins, their home. off to martha's, then dick and susan tomorrow morn.

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