Sunday, May 04, 2008

Australia, Here We Come

We bought our tickets for Australia online after much Internet surfing and price comparisons. I had checked with a local travel agent who came recommended. Sitting in front of his computer, he made hand written notes on my thoughts and ideas. Never once did his fingers touch the keyboard. To entice him further, I said we would need hotels and tours, but still the pen did not leave his fingers and the paper on which he wrote had no additional markings on it. He said he would check on all of the things I had mentioned that week and get back to me. Two weeks later, we decided he was not going to save us any money and did it ourselves. We fly from Vienna, so we will go on day early and stay at Pension Wild. Our actual flight is for December 16th and return January 20th. Though it will be difficult to squeeze an entire country into that amount of time, we will see the highlights.

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