Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 7

Ryan: "Last week I had a call from two women wanting to book a room. I got the sense they were partners. Voices can be deceiving; I pictured a couple of young sweet lipstick lesbians. I thought they were coming in at 7:00 am and told them to come directly here, drop off their stuff and then come back after the Germans left and I would have the room ready. By 9:00 they did not arrive and I was concerned, but the Germans left at 8:30 and I had the room made up and ready for the women. At 10:00 they showed up one at a time in the elevator. Both young women are taller than me and very large ladies. They are very sweet and not Americans. All the time we were sitting having tea before they ventured out, all I could think about was the bed. Will the bed survive. I could barely focus on their travel stories; I could only picture the bed collapsing again. Remember that tall heavy guy that killed it the last time? On the bright side, they brought a small jar of peanut butter and a book, but I don't know what the book is yet. They have not unpacked. I may need Balasz to help me dig out the bed from storage in the basement." Ron: "omigod... or balazs can carry two sturdy singles over from the hostel. excuse my giggles- i know the anxious feeling. i'm thinking we have to spring for heavier springs soon. the rigged bed is fine for some, but getting saggy because the rigging i did involved supports that aren't exact. but your story still makes me snort. i'll ask marge to add you to her prayer list today. we're off to mass soon. they are still having their private time in the 5th wheel, parked in the driveway. here's a funny one- i don't know what happened their first day here- i think it was fine, but last night, lawrence was joshing marge and david said, with a grin, 'now, lawrence, i don't want you talking about my wife- that's my job' or some such. got a laugh from the crowd. they and dot and el were are dressed up for the high school reunion (65, no 60th!!!). marge came home and said it was 'boring'. we don't have david's take yet on it. george leaving today. we will go to mass in the grass (in the rain?) tomorrow, visit graves, then marge and dave heading for rochester clinic to visit grandson. we will go to craig's gathering in cedar rapids for the day. postville raid all over the newspapers here. i'm interested in national/international coverage. largest raid in history Ryan: "You can snort and giggle while I feel like I have been transported into a fairy tale. Jack and the Bean Stalk or even Gulliver's Travels land of the giants. Martha sent some very touching notes about your visit. Her initial "The handing off of Ron" had me laughing. Pictured you as a hot potato. Remember that game? No word from Alec today. Monika was here by 11:00 and left at 3:30. I am socialized out. When you return, I am leaving for a Buddhist contemplative retreat. When she finally left, I did up the small room for the guest who comes tomorrow. I was going to go to the WAMP fair, but was too lazy after that. I thought a nap was in order, but watched the last 1 hour and 21 minutes of Grey's Anatomy. Soppy! I have a love/hate relationship with it. It did not come close to DH. Did you get Kate Corby's note about getting a university position? Sent her a congrats note and said you were in the States. It seems there was an even larger immigration raid in CA. Iowa is now old news and lost the record. Been reading about my gal Hillary and the faux pas with Kennedy. The media loves to hate her. Too bad about Ted. "

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