Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 11

Ryan: "When I went out the door this morning the elevator was not working. I had an appointment at Masculin; this was the most relaxing 45 minutes I have had since you left. Pathetic. I have had 2nd, 3rd, and 4th thoughts about giving our bed to these two guest, worried about it breaking, but also I think of our room as sacred space. It is the only place in the house we do not share with guests, so we should not start. I have been racking my brain for a diplomatic way of telling them the sofa bed will be in the kitchen for them. Alec is coming with the computer today. Basically, the whole inside is new. Technically, we have a new computer. The issue is that he does not know the back up program I used and is totally against it. Although, I have read dozens of computer magazine articles and newsletters saying this is the best program around. Since he is not familiar with it, he does not trust it. As it stands now, I will have to reload a few dozen programs, which will take a few days, but then we should be good to go. Remember the ant and the grasshopper? I am trying to be the ant and saving for a cold winter. Speaking of weather, if this is any indication, this is going to be a hot summer. It have been 73-78 all last and this week. Gotta do breakfast dishes." Ron: "Hey bub... what a life you are leading. too bad you don't have breath or time to journal/blog all this. i hope you can remember some of it all. what on earth did you and Balazs discuss for 4 beers and two coffee and 4- hours. venting? did you take turns or talk at the same time? I can't think of who Ben is... see, i've been gone too long. Any chance you'll get to whochamacolic Brit's gathering this week? Might be a good break for you. I think we can learn to relate to me pretty well... he's seems a good egg. Had a pleasant evening at Dorothy's. Ususal suspects, us three, eloise and bernard. Gary, D's oldest son, came for food and visit. He served in Vietnam as MP in the War. D said I'd been there and we chatted about it. D said that's the first time she's heard him talk so much about being there... he spoke of the beauty of the areas, but not about the trauma of the war. Computer agony near it's end, rah yay. Toilet, bed, et al to go." Ryan: "You are hanging around those old folks too long. We met Ben for a coffee RIGHT before you left. The good egg is Steven, the Brit. He had a stomach bug and cancelled his gathering, but that was last week. He has had company from England here so has not planned anything else. Still have computer problems. This time with software. Windows does not want to work right. Alec has been here for a few hours already.

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