Monday, May 19, 2008

They Took My Lifeline Away

The computer tech was to call this morning to arrange a time to come over yet again. By 11:00 I had not heard from him. After saying good-bye to Steve and Darlene from South Carolina, I gave the tech the additional time it took me to change the sheets on the bed, throw them in the wash, clean the room and get it ready for the next couple, before calling in a panic. He was not in yet. Thinking the couple arriving today was coming in from Bratislava, I checked the train schedule and planned my shopping trip and errands around the arrival times. When they did not show after the 9:30 train had time to arrive late, I ran to the store and back. By 2:30 they arrived, coming from Vienna. Tim and Rachel hail from Seattle. Scott from Canada is still with me. All three brought books, bless them. Alec, the computer man called at 3:00, but did not show up at the door until 4:30. They took my computer away after I convinced them they needed to leave the drive with all of my financial records on it. Thankfully, this was a different disk than the main drive where C and Windows reside. It did not make me comfortable letting go of a drive that although is encrypted, still had all of our finances saved on it. He promised it would be back by Friday. He also promised he would be spending a lot of time here on Friday also. I see the cash register da-dinging. To solve guest booking issues in the future and losing their e-mails, I created a Gmail to forward all correspondence to for safe keeping. I should have thought of this much earlier, but... In the meanwhile, I am stuck working on the laptop, which is fine for many things, but I really prefer to the large flat screen of my desktop since it is a swivel monitor. In the vertical mode, it is convenient for seeing a large piece of work at once without having to scroll down. This was on the web from It seems they are predicting a Canadian invasion this summer. "As popular summer destinations in Europe like Paris and Rome gear up for another busy summer, Canadian travellers are looking for European destinations that are just as interesting but slightly more affordable.

A new Reid poll finds that 70 per cent of Canadians are likely to travel to a destination off the beaten path in Europe if the cost is lower and the culture and attractions are similar. data for the past two years also reveals double- and triple-digit growth to cities like Dubrovnik, Valencia, Tallinn and Budapest where food, sights, history and nightlife rival some of the long-standing European favourite spots."

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