Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 10

Okay, really there is no good news, well that is not really true either. I took that e-mail you sent about being kinder and massaging me upon request, had it blown up to poster size and it is plastered on the bedroom wall. Smaller copies are super glued around the apartment for ready reference and within pointing distance. The message from Vodafone was that we were late with our payment and had one day to pay it or the mobile service would be shut off. To turn it back on would involve a penalty. I had to prove I made the payment through Citibank because Citibank takes up to 3 days to transfer the money to Vodafone. Since I cannot use the printer, I had to make a picture of the Citibank payment, put it on a removable disk and then take it to the Internet Café to be printed. After it was printed, I had to have it faxed to Vodafone. They would not do it via e-mail, which would have made my life easier. That done, Balazs and I went for a walk. His foot is bothering him so he wanted a beer. I could not handle a beer without falling asleep within seconds. We went to Spinozas. He downed 4 tall beers and I two coffees. We were there for over 3 ½ hours. I had just gotten home at 6:00 when my phone went off and it was Ben. He was in the neighborhood and wanted to drop off DVDs. He just returned from Poland. He showed up at 6:45 and stayed to talk until 9:45. THEN I was able to get something to eat at 10:15, but was too tired, so ate cold cuts that the guests won't eat since they are vegetarians.

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