Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ron Leaves Tomorrow

It seemed like weeks away, but now the last week of the semester is here and tomorrow is the day that Ron leaves for the States. His first stop in Pittsburgh to visit a nephew he has not seen in years, and then on to Detroit to see another nephew and his family. The latter nephew, Andy was out to California during the time I had my dissertation defense and we all celebrated the positive outcome in San Francisco. Now he is married and has a baby. Ron is especially close to some of his nephews and nieces with a return on those feelings. From Detroit, he will Amtrak to Iowa where the old homestead is and still home to his older brother and sister-in-law. He will have a chance to catch up with long time friends as well as family reunions. The travels don't stop there. He continues on to Golden, Colorado to visit more kin and additional friends. He won't be returning home until June 7th and I will be slaving away making guests comfortable and god-forbid having to give them directions on a map. I worry when he has to travel alone. Before we met, he has only traveled domestically alone. I took his international virginity away with our first trip to Europe together 15 years ago. I worry about his safety. Every day has some tragic event happening somewhere in the States and no where is immune any longer from people going over the edge. As much as I want him to have a great time, I want him home safely again too.

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