Friday, May 30, 2008

The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 14

Ryan: "You had better do more than a novena. It has taken me the last 2 full days to get all of the programs back on the computer. Some are still not working correctly and I am back and forth with four different Tech Support people for different software companies. I finished the bulk of it last night at 8:00 PM. Though I am still waiting for answers re: above. This morning, lovely Carole leaves. She has been a dear and watched 3:10 to Yuma with me last night starting at 9:30, when I finally was able to get a bite to eat. I didn't know it was a remake or there was a book. I was up at 7:00 for breakfasting them, but all of them gave way to their usual habit and did not wander out until 8:15. I ironed in the meanwhile. Carole went to shower and the pilot light was out, so I went to relight it. Even with the lighter at the fuel, it took me 15 minutes to get it lit. While all were eating, I downloaded e-mail and made sure the computer was still functioning. They all left their rooms so I could clean and redo the beds. I needed some major cleaning with all of the ragweed in the air. I found out one has been sleeping on the couch. I cannot imagine how, but trying to conjure up the image is worse than a Stephen King story. I cleaned that room, made the bed, stubbed my foot three times on the glass block now supporting the bed and moved on to the small room. One will sleep on the bed and the other on the sofa from the large room. The sofa bed had to go to the large room for the 3 people arriving sometime today, time unknown since it was in the e-mail that is long gone. Carole went out for her last hurrah. The shuttle comes at 3:00. The 'girls' went to the laundromat, a new one discovered by the Seattle couple. They did three loads of wash here, but I thwarted a fourth by doing sheets. I had to take a quick shower just in case the 3 arrived while I was in the shower. That happened when the 3 Germans came. I just got undressed and in the shower when I realized the pilot light was out again. The lighter was back in the kitchen, so I had to get dressed again, get it and then spend another 10 minutes getting it to light. I forget how many rolls of toilet paper we go through when we have only women guests. Put that on the list too. We are out of that and bread as of breakfast. Daphnee wants to call. She cancelled her visit. I just don't have the emotional energy to be supportive, sympathetic, or even to care that she will not come, but I am concerned about her illness. I have been running on empty for days and have had nothing to refuel. Balazs and Ben were diversions, but still energy consuming. Even when I can sleep until 7:00, I awake at 6:00 and have not had a moment to take a nap without someone needing me for something. I rushed into shower so that the new guests would not start ringing the bell while I was soaking wet. I had just gotten undressed and in the shower when I realized the hot water heater pilot light was out again. I had to redress, run to the kitchen for the lighter and take another 10 minutes to relight it. During my 2 minute shower, it dawned on me that you are having a lovely for the most part relaxed time and are coming home refreshed. I on the other hand have had nothing but stress with a maximum of maybe 4 hours total of relaxation over the weeks, thus far. So, don't expect me to jump on the love bandwagon as soon as you return. I need some time to recoup my energy and sleep. When I can fit it in my schedule, I will miss you too. AND the posta man rang the bell, but never showed up. I actually spoke with him. When I went to get the mail, he left a slip to pick up a package at the post office. Why the hell didn't he bring it up? Now I have to make another trip in between guests coming and going." Ron: "The Seuss books are a riot. I'm glad you have time to at least see stuff that could make you chuckle, if you had time. I hope this day has gone better for you. All the gals are now gone, I guess. You and Carole hit it off big. The Canadian girls also did some big things for you. Millers better be there soon. And be easy going. Looks like they're not going to the funeral. So, with the storms around us. (small tornados again in north), this is a quickie and it'll be unplugged for the day. We'll head to the Knights of Columbus late afternoon for their fish fry. Then I hop Amtrak at 7 PM, arriving Denver 7 AM. I wrote Mark again but no response, but assume they'll collect me. Weekend with them... unsure if they'll go up to Ft. Collins. A few days with Billicks, then big bird time. Hang in there. I've been checking our calendar. Looks like you had the biggest surge of the summer. Oh yeah, there are more that didn't get on calendar yet, maybe. I'm really sorry Daphnee bailed out. I know you were looking forward to being with her. As was I. She must not be in a very good place. Of course you should restore yourself before calling her. It sounds like some serious matters, which will sap you even more."

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