Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 5

Ryan: "Alec brought the computer back this morning with a new hard drive. They took everything off of the old drives and put it on the new one including e-mails. He came to set it up and the computer would not start. He thought it was a problem with the power cord, but that is not the problem. He said he saw it working this morning when he went to pick it up and there was no problem then. It may be the power source needs replacing. After being here 1 ½ hours, he decided he needed to take it back to the office to test it with voltage meters. They may need to rebuild the computer using the good parts from this one and add in the new ones. He estimates $400. Plus labor. It takes all of my mental energy to put on a happy face for the guests. I am grateful that these Germans are out early and spend the day out. They wanted breakfast at 7:30 JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE SINCE YOU LEFT. The difference is that they were actually up and ready for breakfast at 7:30 unlike the others who wandered out at 8-8:30. They arrived at 1:00 yesterday and were out until midnight. After breakfast, they left at 9:00 and I expect they will be out all day. Andreas and his ‘husband’ have been to Budapest multiple times, but Christian is a newbie. They are excited to show him the city. I have not been able to do any Frommer’s writing. The programs, files and everything I need are on those drives, plus I need the larger monitor to work. I hope you took precautions with that tick. We don’t need to find out you contracted something after you return. BE CAREFUL!! As much as I hesitate knowing, what is the story with the driver’s license. I am not sure I want to know. I have enough to worry about as it is; unless you gave up the idea, then I can shelve that concern." Ron: "a quickie. l is waiting to drive me to martha's. no dmv for me... have to prove 30 days residency, blah, blah. marge just arrived, a day later than planned. sure hope alec is on top of it soon. guess he thought better to repair than to buy new one. l waiting in car, gotta go." Did I tell you Dawn left with a set of keys? This leaves us one set short. The front door key cannot be copied.

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