Saturday, May 17, 2008

Catching My Attention

Two attention grabbers were in the Hungarian News Portal for English speakers. A WWII bomb was discovered on the Buda side "by accident". It was buried and had not detonated when it was dropped. It still has the potential of destroying the railroad bridge along with everything within a three mile radius. The claim is that it would shatter building windows up to ten miles away. They found another such bomb also on the Buda side, but supposedly smaller. What a relief! It is on the Buda side. The Buda boars is not a sports teem unless you are an excellent sprinter. An ex-pat family were taking their dogs for a walk in the Buda hills, sans leash. One of the dogs, a long hair dachshund decided to investigate a female boar with her babies. The fact that there are still wild boars within the city limits is enough incentive for me not to go hiking, but why would you let your dog run freely? There was no happy ending to that story. Three guests are coming today after I said my good-byes to two. Not sure whether I made a mistake and overbooked, I changed the sheets on all three beds, washed two sets of sheets, cleaned the rooms, and had hours to relax. The only hold back is waiting hostage until they show up, which I will not know when it is since their times are in their e-mails on the dead computer. If everyone arrives during the day, this evening will be spent volunteering for Democrats Abroad registering potential voters.

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