Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Communiqués of R to the 2nd Power 1

I am in Budapest taking care of like while Ron is traipsing the US visiting Pittsburgh nephew, nephew, sister-in-law. "Having a great time seeing nephews. More later." Detroit was the next stop for a nephew (new niece-in-law) and very new grandnephew. Ron: "We left pburgh about 10, after a good tasty bagel stop, rocked and rolled for about 2 hours in cleveland (good museum, with lots of opps to read and listen to stars at the same time... beatles and the doors have whole floors, so that took most of the time), then g's gal pal (hungarian blood) told us to stop by toledo for tony macko's hungarian restaurant. so we did, had hot dogs and deep fried pickles (not so great). arrived here about 7. keegan down for the night, but up early, so all of us up too by 6. he's great, very photogenic too. glenn and keegan are doing guitar, harmonica and drums (keegan on them) now, so i gotta get some pics. we'll take a drive by the lake this p.m. then beth and family coming tonight. good luck with alec. oh yeah, last night we skype cameraed andy's mom and brother in florida. great system. nice visit with mary jo. it's quite a system, but i think i still prefer phone alone. but you might like the check it out for the new system we need. their system is a dell, good quality picture and sound for the live set up. getting more fido fixes here. two dogs... rizzo, white german shepherd girl, and levi, black lab boy. andy was working in kitchen and flashed on stevie's neurosis about our kitchen in modesto. funny. Ryan: Apparently, he has forgotten how to use the shift key.

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