Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spontaneous Americans

Earlier in the week, we received an e-mail from an American who was in Prague and needed a room for the next day. He was traveling with his girlfriend and her brother who was finishing up a semester abroad in Prague. After a couple of e-mails and a Skype call, we made the arrangements for them to arrive the next day.

They were the first guests to come to us due to my Frommer's guide and they had the good taste to bring it with them. Stephen said that
Frommer's Prague & the Best of the Czech Republic (Frommer's Complete)Frommer's Prague & the Best of the Czech Republic (Frommer's Complete)when he went to shop for a guide, his mother told him to get the Frommer's as they were the best. He, Ginnie, and Tres seemed pleased with their decision not only on buying the book, but also their choice of accommodations. Thursday night we stayed up until 1:00 am talking, which did not bother me; I do not teach on Fridays. Tres left on Friday to meet friends in Croatia, but Ginnie and Stephen staid until today. They were totally delightful and pleasurable to converse with. I was just surprised at the spontaneity of Americans. It has been our experience that the Germans wait until the very last minute to book a place to stay.

At 8:30 pm last night, I received an e-mail from two more Americans looking for a place to stay. I e-mailed them as soon as I spotted it at 9:03 pm saying we had guests leaving and the room was free. They wrote back another thirty minutes later to say that since they had not heard from us, they made other arrangements. After responding with nicety of thank you for trying us anyway, about forty-five minutes passed when there was yet another e-mail from them asking for the room. Are Americans learning from the Germans or is this phenomena due to Rick Steves who claims he never reserves lodging until he is in the city?

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