Monday, April 21, 2008

Comment on April 18th Post

This comment came in regard to my post about budget airlines: "It's not just fuel prices. There are two more important reasons: high airport charges and Hungarians' reluctance to travel, the latter obviously due to the dire economic circumstances. I wouldn't have booked Skyeurope either. Chances are that the airline will soon go bankrupt, maybe even leaving passengers stranded. If you want cheap flights, try Ryanair. Besides being the cheapest, they're reliable." I quite agree that the budget airlines have been shunning Budapest due to the high airport costs and that Hungarians do not have the discretionary income to travel. We have used Ryanair in the past and were quite satisfied, but they just do not have many destinations from Budapest. Trying to bridge two of their flights together to get somewhere new and different, it has turned out to be less expensive to fly direct on a major airline. I had tried the former tactic last year when we were going to Scotland and had 43 different options of using two budget airline routes to get there. This was before anyone added Glasgow to their list from here.

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