Sunday, April 13, 2008

Austria Travel Tip for Saving Money

I came across this travel tip today for saving money in Vienna. However, I cannot check it out because when I go to the site below, I only get the Hungarian version and there is no link to change it to English. I tried changing the country to the UK and the US, but it did not help. If you fly on Austrian Airline, you can use your boarding card to get massively reduced or free entrance to Viennese attractions and cultural institutions such as the Kunsthistoriches Museum, Leopold Museum, Mozarthaus Wien, the U4 Discotheque and more. They've also added free entry to the Wine Museum Burgenland. For details, log onto and click on "All about the flight".

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Carin said...

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Paul Roberts said...

Here is what i get at the site...

Austrian – the world’s most valuable boarding card!

Be sure to keep your Austrian boarding card in future – because we’ve just turned them into the most valuable boarding cards in the world.

Austrian guests can now use their boarding card to enjoy a range of benefits.
We offer all Austrian guests massively reduced or free entrance to a range of exciting cultural offers and institutions in Vienna or international cities (New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Moscow, London etc) when they present their boarding card. We offer an innovative, worldwide unique product on a simple but effective platform: the ultra chic boarding card. Therefore: keep your card and simply use it!

Here you may find an overview (in PDF-format ( )) about our exclusive offers.

Explore a variety of special offers in co-operation of partners in Vienna and other international cities:

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
Belvedere Museum Vienna
Kunsthaus Vienna
Musikverein Vienna
Discotheque U4 Vienna
Neue Galerie New York
Meinl Cafe Chicago, Tokio, Moscow, Istanbul, etc.
Do & Co British Museum, London

Terms and Conditions:

Austrian boarding card (with OS flight number)
Each boarding card valid for one person up to and including 10 days after flight date
Presentation of boarding card (official identification with photographic ID and submission of boarding card sometimes also necessary)


i can email you the pdf if you'd like.

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