Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Editor Responds; My Article is on the Web

Well, I received two e-mails from my editor at Gayot Publications this morning. The first was that she received my business article and would read it this weekend. The next e-mail was sent two hours later, saying it was terrific and exactly what she wanted. Her only comment was that since the publication has their own rating system, they do not include any awards a hotel has garnered. One of my reviews mentions that the Kempinksi Hotel received three international awards for business travelers, so she broke my 150 word running streak. If that is all she faulted, who am I to complain. The more exciting news is that my first article is now on the web at . After going through the 3 days, there are additional links to the rest of my writing at Budapest: Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Travel Guide Hungary, and Budapest Tourism Office. The photos of Fisherman's Bastion on page 1 and Castle Hill View on page 2 are my photos that they chose to us.

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