Thursday, June 25, 2009

SkyEurope = Belly UP

As old as yesterday's news, this item was in it. The budget airline SkyEurope is making news, but not such great news. Two Sky Europe aircraft seized on Băneasa Airport because of debts. Not such great news for Europeans who came to rely on it for those getaway holidays, but most certainly devastating news for those who bought vacation homes in foreign countries when the plethora of budget airlines seemed to make getting there and back a bargain. On the other budget travel front, RyanAir is in the news yet again with another lame idea. If you remember, this was the airline who prompted the hubbub around pay toilets on airplanes, now they are discussing having passengers load their own luggage. The idea is if you can get that behemoth piece of Samsonite through security, you can also lug it to the plane and toss it in the cargo hold. The bright side is no more lost luggage or waiting at the conveyor for your clone black suitcase that looks like everyone else's except yours has the cutsey identifying tag for you to recognize easily. You will be able to easily spot it six deep under everyone elses in the cargo hold and will only have to wait for someone to come rescure grandma's trunk, which is holding the rest hostage. If this idea 'flies', the next logical step is to have on board massage therapists who for a fee, will knead out the kinks in those strained muscles you acquired while dragging your bags down the stairs from the airport and then had to lift up into the plane. Some think Michael O'Leary, the CEO of RyanAir should try sleeping at night so he cannot think clearly in the mornings and not daydream of new ways to make his consumer base more miserable.

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