Monday, June 01, 2009

Ron Writes...

Finally, I wrote a post that causes a reaction. My dear absent partner found the time to send a comment on my blog post "Whit is Up With This?" Guess he should have another chat with Martha about humor. ; ) OK, here now. This is your beloved with some feedback. Although, to follow the symbol of Whit/Pentecost tongues of fire, I understand your own tongue is firmly planted in your cheek with your clever AND really fun take on this reality, there's more to it than meets the eye (or mouth)! Whew, overlong sentence. So, I'm throwing a red (color of the day) flag at you! Since that's a sports term, I have to explain that to you... it's a penalty for being off side or overly aggressive during play. Your final remarks rescue you a bit. My point is that this "White Dove" has many guises. He/She/They are like the Hovering Love that is the Life in everything. Whoops- out of space

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