Saturday, June 06, 2009

Karen Writes

I am not sure, but I do believe this particular Karen is my cousin. She is the one that informed about Google many, many years ago when I was still technologically innocent. About every fifteenth time I use Google, I think of her with gratitude. Here is her comment "Hear, hear! I LOVE Google! " For the rest of you who may think Bing has something special, just let me share that if you use FireFox, there are so many plugins available that make Google an even better experience. Two that I can think of off the cuff are "Surf Canyon" and "Customize Google". One will give you expanded explanations of the site, so you can preview before you click and others will provide a thumbnail of the site for a quick preview. Surf Canyon offers alternative sites to each site listed. Very useful.

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Mark Cramer said...

Thank you for the kind words regarding Surf Canyon. We're pleased that you're enjoying our application!

Karen said...

Seriously? I told you about Google? (Yeah, it is your cousin Karen.)

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