Friday, June 05, 2009

Pitbull Mentality

I admit it, I am anal retentive, Type A+, compulsive. When something gets the best of me, I cannot function until I have solved the problem, made it as close to perfect as possible, pleasing to my aesthetic or practical values. My mental metaphor is that I am am a pitbull that has taken an bite of someone's leg and will not let go. Hence, I changed the template of the blog yet again. When I had tried this template before, it became a jumbled mess. After sleeping on it a couple of nights, I solved the problem. this one is more pleasing to what this blog is all about. For now, I am content. Now if only I could get Blogger to be consistent with the font and size in each post, I would really be happy. Though they are all set in Georgia Large, they do not all appear that way, which really drives me crazy!!

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