Friday, June 19, 2009

No TAP Dancing for Ron

Originally, Ron was supposed to leave Newark, NJ yesterday afternoon on a TAP flight, the Portuguese airline, but the Continental Airliner with the dead pilot were given priority at the airport causing flights out to be delayed. Major storms all down the NJ coast had further impact on delaying flights.
The last time I had checked last night on his flight, it was delayed for four hours out of Newark. Fortunately, I had reminded him of the EU rules. His change in Lisbon from TAP to TAP was only 2 hours, so I knew he would not make the transfer in time.
This morning, I received a message from my sister-in-law. He called her to say he was rerouted via Lufthansa going to Frankfurt and then back here.
He was originally scheduled back at 2:30 PM. Now he will not get back until about 6:30 PM. I had made dinner reservations, but will need to change them. I am sure it will take him a few days to recover. He does not do well with jet lag when he returns from the States.

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