Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Down and Dirty

My last 'free' day yesterday, I spent cleaning the apartment in preparation for guests coming. Since I was at it, I did it the hard way, I really, really cleaned with furniture polish and everything. Yea, yea, yea, I have been dusting all along, but it is amazing what a little polish will pick up that a dry rag does not. I went through three big rags, folding them to expose a new clean area until I wound up with Origami type creations. I really hated to put them in the wash, they were kind of attractive in a grungy sort of way. Then I did the biggie, washing all of the wood floors with wood soap. If anyone (subliminal message-guess who) ever tells me that vacuuming is good enough, I am going to make soup out of the dirty water from floor mopping. The floors look lovely. Our bedroom floor is actually parquet. I had forgotten that. I made the beds for guests, the rooms were ready, all I had to do was iron the pillow covers. After six hours of cleaning, I had dishpan hands, mop hands, cleaning elbow, wood grain knees, and enough polish on me to make me rainproof. Today, I had the last of the State Exams. This time for the BA students, our first group ever to go through the misery. We had eight in our group, were told to spend thirty minutes with each person, so I was planning on escaping by 1:00 pm. Each student had to defend their thesis, take a comprehensive oral exam in their specialty area, and then another in an area of their choice. The grading system required an abacus to figure out. Needless to say, we ran behind all day, so I finally said "Chow" to my colleagues at 3:45 when I rushed off to teach my private English lesson. On my way home at 5:30, I stopped at the grocery store to get breakfast supplies for the guests coming tomorrow. Then I whipped out the iron and board, did up the pillow cases, put them on, and vacuumed the tiled floors. If I play my cards right, I can mop them in the morning and have them dried before any arrivals. Six more episodes of 24 Season 7 to go. Will I make it tonight? I am not sure, I am really pooped.

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