Sunday, June 14, 2009

Judy in the Sky Without Glasses

After my day of patience testing going and returning from Eger, the clock had to be set for 4:20 am to see Judy off to the airport. Judy stayed with us about six years ago, perhaps longer. Over the years, we have stayed in touch and she returned for a few days. She heartily missed not seeing Ron, so I had to do double time being R to the second power in his absence. With Judy, this is not a problem, she is also a social worker and a genteel soul, a pleasure to have around. So it was with hearty hugs, I waved good-bye when she climbed into the elevator at 4:40 for her waiting taxi. I went back to bed and actually slept until 9:00 am, a real feat for me. Now I am without guests until Thursday, unless there are some late planners who call for an emergency reservation, which has been known to happen. Unless that does occur, I am alone for four whole days, looking forward to the peace, quiet, and solitude. Most people believe I don't need or want alone time, but the truth of the matter is I do. It is just that I have many things on my plate at one time, it does not happen often. Yes, I could scrape things off of the plate, but life is short and I want it to be the most meaningful; it is a trade-off.

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