Friday, June 05, 2009

The Buzz is on Bing

Chances are you have not yet heard about the new search engine that is supposed to give Google a run for the money, because it was only released to the public this last week. It is from, dare I say it, Microsoft and it is called Bing. All of the techie sites are buzzing or binging about how marvelous it is causing me to face with my hand, hoping Google would not noticed I was spirited away to a Bing test. What is supposed to be so hot about Bing is that the results are so close to what you are searching for, it is almost like mind reading. That is the way the experts make it sound anyway. After ten side by side tests, I will keep my Google, which by the way has made it into the English dictionary as a noun and a verb. So don't try to rattle my Google, because Bing is a Bomb thus far. Get to know Bing is what comes up if you click on MORE, but there are only three things there. Web - Well duh, you are search engine, who would have thought Bing would not search the web? "Find what you're looking for and a whole lot more". I found nothing more and not even what I was looking for. Images - "Find the pictures that you've been wanting to see" There is that mental telepathy syndrome at work. How does Bing know what I have been wanting to see? Thus far you have not impressed me Bing. I can find plenty of images without your help. XRank - "See who and what everyone's searching for most" For heavens sake, why follow the stupids? If they are all searching for something, why join the flock? Know that you have found what you are looking for and your self-esteem will improve or search for something nobody else is seeking and be at the forefront. Google honey, I am sticking with you. We have been working it for too many years for me to cast you aside for some Johnny come-lately.

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Karen said...

Hear, hear! I LOVE Google!

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