Saturday, June 06, 2009

Diatton Writes

Diatton wrote in to ask why I don't have Greek in the translation bar for the blog. "You put a translator in your blog but why not the Greek language? It's the best one in the world!" Thank you Diatton for the question and I must say besides loving your country, I do agree the Greeks have given civilization as we know much to be thankful for, including a number of words in English. The translator was a pre-set program that I came across and applied with the existing html code as it was given. I did not write the program, but if I remenber where I found it, I will write the person to ask why he has ignore such a beautiful language and people. If I had written the program, the translator would only consist of: American English to British English American English to Australian English American English to dirty, filthy Italian words and names of foods American English to 3rd grade level Spanish Americn English to French limited to the phrases "I do not know", "What time is it?", and Where is the men's room, I am having an emergency and if I don't find it in seconds, the sight is not going to be pretty." With that said, I am grateful someone has put the efforts in to do what they did, but if I find Greek, I will certainly include it. I love Greek myself.

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