Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eger or Bust

I finally pinned down Michael to join me on a sojourn to Eger, a town I need to research for my book. It was up in the air between Eger and Szeged, since I have to do both anyway. He thought if we went to Szeged, he would be able to take a jaunt over the border to Romania to have his passport stamped. His student Visa runs out on June 22nd, so he has to leave the country and reenter on a tourist Visa. Szeged and Romania look like a short distance on the map, but getting from Point A to Point B is as convenient as preparing Baked Alaska on a campfire. First you have to go to northeastern Hungary, a two hour train ride, and then go to the Romanian border, another four hours. Now he is left searching other options, but he committed to the day's trip. Eger is only two hours away, but we will have to fly around once we get there. The TourInform office closes at 1:00 pm on Saturdays; please, please do not let the train be late. With the Google Latitudes map in the right panel of this blog, you can check my whereabouts as I move around. If it ever seems like it never leaves Akacfa utca, you know I am home plugging away at some work task.

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