Tuesday, June 09, 2009

One of Those "What About Me?" Moments

I am having one of those "What about me?" moments. When do I get to do what I want to do? Everyone rub your forefinger and thumb together to demonstrate the world's smallest record player playing "My Heart Bleeds for You", please. Today was supposed to be the day I went to Eger to research the book, but after getting home from the hospital yesterday, getting a guest off to the airport, and finishing reading the last BA thesis, I was too tired to bring them to the university and they were due today. Secondary reasons came into play also. Our friend Michael wanted to join me, but had to turn in his thesis today also, so we postponed it until Saturday. My big thrill was to meet one of my students for a beer at 8:00, something I never do usually. That is go out at 8:00. I do often meet up with up with students. Then I stayed up until the wee hours watching "24" season 6. Great whoop! But I did get to sleep in with no guests to make breakfast for this morning, which was a rare treat. Then the day flew by and my resolve to go to the Kiraly thermals to get updated information for the book was again aborted. Selfishly, I could have soaked away some stress in the hot waters and relaxed. The laundry was yelling for me and it seems it never runs out of breath, there were student theses to bring to the university, ink cartridges to pick up for the printer, a restaurant update to make notes on, beds to change, and then a late afternoon guest to greet. Poof, the day is almost gone once again. Visualizing the things needing my attention, it is no wonder the days zip by. *Greeting guests Making breakfast for guests Saying good-bye to guests Washing laundry Putting the laundry up to dry Folding laundry Ironing linens Making beds Shopping Cleaning the rooms and the rest of the apartment *Making reservations for guest coming here Making dinner reservations for guests fearful of calling themselves *Giving guests recommendations for what they should see and do *Ordering a taxi or shuttle for guests *Chatting with guests when they return at different times of the day about their adventures Monitoring the tourism office for updated publications for guests Reading students' theses Advising students' theses Sitting in on State Exams for student thesis defenses *Updating our web site *Updating the blogs I use for my classes *Updating my teaching materials for the next semester *Walking the city to update my next book E-mailing hotels, tour companies, and others for updated information for the book *Writing parts of my next book *Researching for the web portal I write for *Be a reviewer of applications for the Hungarian Fulbright Commission Answer e-mails Write e-mails Keep five computers up-to-date Search the web for future employment opportunities Try to monitor my father's status, but getting my brother to respond to my e-mails Place orders online for Ron to bring back Arrange for a storage unit to be delivered for Ron to move our things into Get medical needs met Fix my dinner or decide on a restaurant that needs reviewing; if the latter, write up the review *Things I enjoy, but they are still work. I am certain I have forgotten other things on the list, but I am still on the ball juggling.

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