Friday, August 10, 2012

The Daily, Huh?

When I first discovered there was a new English language news portal, I was thrilled for the variety. I readily embrace the snippets of news that arrive in my mailbox Monday to Friday by the All Hungary Group News, but there is just a smattering of news there. It is like an appetizer without an entrée.

The latest news source for we English speakers is The an online service only. With great relish, I started following this portal, but soon changed my habits from daily to weekly. This brings me to the conclusion that perhaps the moniker would be wisely re-branded as The Occasional.what?

After pointing my browser in the direction of the site, knowing I had lapsed as a dedicated reader for over two weeks, I intended to spend some quality time reading, gathering, learning, and being entertained. Much to my chagrin, the only emotion that reached a perfect 10 on my scale of fulfillment was disappointment. 

With the exception of a couple random smidgens of information about the Olympics and even less about the Sziget Festival, there was nothing new. Many articles are dated back to mid-July with less than a dozen exhibiting any date in August. 

Now one could assert that it is the summer, so things get lazy, including bloggers, so maybe we should cut some slack here and wait for cooler weather before we find cozy articles to snuggle up with. Normally, I would give the benefit of this argument, but the news portal was originated at the beginning of the summer. This has either been really poor planning or they don't aren't paying any staff so there is no incentive for anyone to bring the pen to the pad or the fingers to the keyboard. 

If anyone is paying attention, I have some very talented journalism students that will be looking for an internship. 
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