Sunday, August 12, 2012

One Happy and One Unhappy Camper

We are one for one over here in Budapest. I am a happy camper after getting the requisite 'Likes' on Facebook to get my site. Now people can go to to find my page automatically.

Now for the unhappy camper. Last night the cable for the Internet went out. When it came back on, we had problems with connecting any other device other than my computer. The router seemed to be gone. I rebooted the cable box and the router, which I have had to do a thousands times before. Still nothing! 

I was able to get Internet, but Ron is missing all of his political shows, comedy shows, and e-mail. He is not a happy camper. After doing some research, it seems that a router lasts from 2-7 years. This one has been around for 7+ human years, which is 94 in techie years, so it was bound to pass on to the eternal cyberspace at some time. 

We had a coffee date to see Melissa, Scott, and little Ellie to say yet another good-bye. They are going to live in Istanbul for Scott's doctoral research. Ellie is one of the best babies I have ever seen. She is all play, no fuss. If I could order one just like her, I would have a kid, but I would want a return warranty if the personality changed. 

After our final, final adios, R times 2 headed to the mall to buy a new router. Of course the young, English speaking salesman sold me on a deluxe that ran over $120, but he guaranteed it would be easy to set up. 

Home again, home again, lickety split. The damn thing did not work. It must be the Internet cable box, so nothing can be done until tomorrow. Ron has 16 more hours of unhappiness to work through before the Internet office opens.

Coincidentally, he is reading Flunking Sainthood, so we will see if he saintly demeanor holds out.
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Mrank said...

We will certainly miss you guys, especially when Thanksgiving comes around and I find myself not eating your spinach dip! I suppose you'll have to be so kind to share the recipe?

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