Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beer With Me While I Get Drunk

It is that time again, just after the Hungarian Folk Festival and soon before the annual wine fest, Castle Hill is ready to receive those with money to squander yet again. There was no need to dismantle the wooden booths, just as I suspected when we were at the Folk Festival. They will accommodate the Beer Festival.

This year the claim is that it will be bigger than the last with over 200 beer producers tapping our wallets while pulling their taps. Imported beers will be Bohemian, German, English, Belgian and Irish specialties.

In order to convince us this is really a culture event, there will be 40 concerts and 120 well-known foreign and Hungarian performers. The promo states we can enjoy the concerts of the likes of Paddy & The Rats for one. Based on the other names, it seems you will want to drink if not voluntarily, but out of necessity. It is doubtfully that few non-Hungarians will have heard of any of the entertainment, and the standup comic will also try to tickle your funny bone in Hungarian too.
Like last time, you will be required to "rent" your beer mug (0,4 L, cost 600 HUF), but it is refundable if you don't drop it after the 6th mugful. Pints of beer will be: 400, 500, or 900 HUF depending on the brand you choose.

Before you think you can get soaked for cheap, they soak you for an admission fee as follows.

Daily pass: 1999 HUF, includes one beer (for children under 18 years includes one soft drink)
Five-day pass: 6999 HUF, includes one beer (for children under 18 years includes one soft drink)
For children under 12 years admission is free.

Opening hours:

Wednesday, August 29 noon – 3am
Thursday, August 30 noon – 3am
Friday, August 31 10am– 3am
Saturday, September 1 10am – 3pm

Thank goodness there are no alcoholics in this country, allowing everyone to enjoy these festivals with a clear conscious.
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