Friday, August 10, 2012

Honey, Is the Life Insurance Paid?

Thanks to the All Hungary News Group, I happened upon this frightful information. It is sourced from Hungary Around the Clock for everything within the quotation marks.

"The Hungarian mortality rate is almost 50% higher than the average of the most developed EU15 countries, according to a study included in the Central Statistics Office publication Demographic Portrait 2012.
The death rate here is also higher than in those countries that joined the EU simultaneously or later than Hungary. More than 25% of Hungarians die from cancer, somewhat lower than the West European average. The mortality rate among Hungarian men younger than 64 is nearly twice as high as the average of the EU15. The mortality rate of women below 64 years of age is 70% higher than the average of the EU15 and almost 20% higher than in countries that joined the EU in 2004 or later."

According to, Hungarian life expectency comes in at 91 out of 220 countries. Just for some perspective, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranked 49, the United Kingdom is number 29, while the US is a fat 49. 

The US is working hard at 'super sizing' all of the other healthier countries with their fast food exports, so there will be more competition for those larger numbers as the waist lines increase.

Make sure your partner's life insurance is paid up to date.
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