Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fair Skies With Sun That Wears You Out

Bobbin lace in progress at the Musée des Ursul...
Bobbin lace in progress at the Musée des Ursulines de Québec (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
August is almost always a hot month, so why do they choose now to have the Arts and Folk Fair on Castle Hill. One would think it would be cooler there, but not so. This Saturday, we went with some neighbors, English speakers who bought an apartment in the next building over. It was hot, hot, hot, and it went on forever. 

I have to say there were crafts there that I have not seen here before like bobbin lace. I have witnessed many using this technique, just not at a fair here in Hungary. There were also embroidered pieces in colors that I really loved, very different from the standard pinks, reds, and bright colors. 

You have to hand to those performing who are dressed in heavy ornate costumes, running around all day in layer upon layer, upon layer. At least I think they are performers. 

The heat got to all of us for sure. This was probably the most photographed man at the fair.
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