Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Do Give a Hoot

This all started when XPatLoop, the British owned ExPat Portal put this on Facebook. There was a link to the gallery of photos of the opening event, but I will not sink down to copying it here.

Hooters Budapest launch event can only be described as huge, as you can see in this new gallery
The first Hooters restaurant in Hungary celebrates its grand opening to the public today, 27 August 2012, a "VIP" opening event took place on Saturday 25 August.Alex Hemingway, CEO of Crown Restaurants and boss of the brand in Hungary, stated, "We are confident the unique Hooters experience will be ...
17 hours ago

It seems I was the first to comment, but other men followed my lead. Three people liked my comment. I deleted the names of the other posters for privacy reasons.
Ryan James: More of the worst of the US coming to a neighborhood near you.
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Male 1: you could even say that Hooters does well in the US where most of the women are obese and lard asses. Here in Budapest where there are pretty girls everywhere it will not be so easy.
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Male 2: Ahh, come on. It's all good fun with some cheeky on the side. Was there last night and it was great not to mention being a delightfully tacky yet unrefined daisy duke with a serving tray Americana evening. This import is what this city need...See More
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Male 1: fine but many American franchises dont work here. I remember Wendys, Dunkin Donuts, Remax, Dairy Queen and many more have tried and failed.
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Ryan James Yes, let's exploit women for cheeky fun. How about a jock strap bar for the women with the men hanging out their goods? That would certainly be entertaining for the hen parties.
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Male 1: Ryan, people vote with their feet. I can imagine it will do well with guys who cannot get pretty girls and have to pay to talk to them. Sounds like it is not intended for the locals but for visitors, bit like the Hard Rock Cafe in Vaci utca. rarely do Americans understand Europe, this sounds to me like a real example.
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Male 3: The world has gone mad, everybody has become so PC it is painful. Oh yes, the beauty of a woman's body when combined with perfectly fried onion rings and a cold beer is despicable to say the least... sounds terrible! If Hooters is exploitat...See More
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Male 1: so 'J', sounds like you should just go to other clubs in Budapest and take out the middleman !!!
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Male 3: 'M', the business will fly or fail based on the footfall, we will see, I think Hooters is the least of our current problems in Hungary! At least it has given jobs to a few people... About Americans understanding Europe or anywhere else for...See More
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Male 1: Yep, you understand my point fully....in America you can believe in tiny ninja warriors who hide in vaginas and lie in wait for bad people's sperm. (Bill Maher) and Todd Akin is a creationist (believes in Adam and Eve) and even sits on the Science Committee in Congress.....you have to hand it to the Americans they are one sandwich short of a picnic
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I don't think that any of these men would be proud to bring their family and friends in to Hooter's if their daughter or niece were working there as a waitress.

What I find truly disappointing is that no women weighed in on the issue.
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