Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do You Give a Hoot?

As an American, this is embarrassing. As a male who has tried to be a feminist, this is even more discombobulating. At the end of this month, there will be the first ever Hooters restaurant opening up in Budapest. There have been Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subways, TGIFridays, and of course Burger King and McDonald's for years now. I celebrated when Starbucks opened where I could supersize my cup of coffee. However, none of these places objectify women like Hooters does.

For those whose native tongue is not English, 'hooter' is slang for a woman's breast. The fact that we even have such restaurants is degrading to woman, but to exploit them with large breasted wait staff is more than obnoxious. What irks me even more is the location. It will be featured prominently on Liszt Ferenc tér almost directly across from the famed music academy.

I wish this Atlanta based restaurant chain never made it out of the city. With any luck, the intelligent women and their male supporters will protest the place by not patronizing it.
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