Sunday, August 12, 2012

Do You Want a Side of Culture With Your Booze?

Periodically, I look over all of the budget airlines to see which if any have created or abandoned any routes to and from Budapest. Well, surprise, surprise, this is what I happened upon when looking at Jet2com's website.

Jet2com flies between Budapest and Manchester, Leeds, and Edinburgh. Now I know who the major culprit is for bringing those obnoxious drunks to our city streets.

The marketing is astounding: 
"A short city break with your best friends is now considered the norm". 
Translation - if you don't leave the country to get crap-faced with a bunch of other men, you are a deviant who should reconsider the nuptials. 

"As well as great bars and restaurants, all of our destinations have a touch of culture too..."
Translation - there are fabulous strip clubs featuring Central European women who have yet to migrate to the UK. To googly-eye them come to these cities.

Personally, I find the captions "Party hard in Prague, Boozy nights in Budapest", and "Vodka heaven in Krakow" not only disparaging to these incredibly historic cities, but also to their citizens. The emphasis is the freedom to make a fool of yourself while pushing the limits of inebriation. Apparently, it is necessary for Brits to leave their home country for this ritual, where they also leave their manners and respect for others. Perhaps, they could not fit those in their carry-on luggage.

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Dana Sachs said...

I was wondering why I'd see groups of guys wandering around Budapest in clown wigs and t-shirts that say "Mike's Stag Party." Now I get it.

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