Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cooperative Agreement

Rarely do I accept link exchange offers, but every once in a blue moon, there is one that grabs me. I received a flattering note from Travelizer.co.uk about my blog. The note led me to believe the person writing had actually read a portion of it. At the time I had refused the link exchange offer only because I was having issues with the template. A week later, I received a second e-mail from the same company, but she addressed the fact that her colleague had contacted me previously. This was another indication that they probably were not spanning. 

When I fixed the template, I looked over their website, liked the layout and contacted them to do the exchange. You can find Travelizer on the right side with a direct link to their site. They offered to put my blog on their Hungary/Budapest page. They did and here it is. The page is too long to show the entire thing here, but here is the top and the part where they have my blog listed as a destination expert.


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