Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sink, Flow, Drip

The plumber returned to put in the yet another new faucet, this one with the required three hoses. It took him three hours. We did not realize that our new deep double basin sink was so much lower than the old one, a hole had to be cut in the bottom of the cabinet to set the hot water heater in so it would fit. Hearing the plumber using a saw, we just sent up silent prayers, not wanting to check up on him and have panic attacks in the process. Plumbers and saws go together like carpenters and monkey wrenches. There is just something illogical in the combinations. Three hours later, he announced he was finished. The new faucet looked lovely, but we never gave it a trial run before he left. His fee was 7,000 Huf ($29.00). Yes, Americans, read it again and weep. Three hours of a plumbers work for $29.00. He told us he would have to pick up a new hot water heater for the bathroom. Fixing it would cost more for the parts than a new one, so we gave him the money to pick one up for us. As soon as he was out the door, we tested the faucet. The water pressure popped it right out of the base. Not good. Okay, I see now you Americans are no longer weeping over the $29.00, but laughing instead.

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