Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's a Stove, It's an Oven, It's Convection

Not much happened today, while I was at school. The stove/oven with ten functions was delivered, but the cabinet maker decided to return tomorrow. He had changed his day when we thought the stove/oven was coming on Thursday, so stuck to his guns in spite of the changes. The electrician did return to put in all of the sockets and covers. However, so far, we are not cooking with gas as the old expression goes. It is still take-out dinners. I wanted to take a picture of the new cooker, but my batteries were dead in my camera. Oh, well. One of our B and B guests arrived today from the States. She is a Frommer's guide reader. I had warned her ahead of time what she may be facing, but she is a good sport. Hopefully, the two coming tomorrow are as well.

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