Monday, February 09, 2009

Construction Worker Tango

Good to his word, the tile man was here again at 8:00 am to start putting down the floor. He said that it would be ready to walk on by Wednesday, the day that the cabinet makers were returning to do that installation. This left the stove/oven installation, but first we had to go pay for it. We wanted to give them money when we first looked at it, but they said it would be better to pay when we arranged delivery. Anna, our interpreter called to say we should have the stove there on Wednesday so the cabinets can be installed around it. We walked down to the appliance store; it is just down the street from us. The wonderful gentleman we spoke with on our first visit recognized us immediately and said "I have bad news." Those are four words you don't want to hear when you are trying to coordinate a number of laborers in a language you cannot communicate in and have to use the sister of one of them to translate. The bad news could have been worse. They sold the stove hood, but not the stove. At first they could not deliver on Wednesday due to some mysterious problem. A call into Anna to tell her, but she said it was ridiculous. Her brother the cabinet maker was coming in from the country on Wednesday specifically and could not change their days. We just turned the phone over to the salesman. He finished with Anna and gave us the phone. She would have to call her brother and call us back. Four minutes later, she called and her brother would come Thursday. As she was telling Ron this, the salesman was telling me he did manage to arrange delivery on Wednesday. Yikes! I am so confused now, I am overjoyed that I start school tomorrow and Ron will be here to deal with anything that happens on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Except for the hood, we should be complete by Thursday afternoon. Ron had the foresight to ask our salesman to call the company that would need to hook up the stove. There is only one, not the gas company, who is authorized to do it or the guarantee is void. With an oven with ten different functions, I want it working all the way through its three year guarantee. It has only been days, but it has felt like a whole lot longer. When this is over, I am putting Anna's name in for sainthood. This has turned into a part-time job for her. We gave her a gift certificate for dinner out for two, but we will have to do more by the end of this adventure. The tile man will return tomorrow to do the baseboards and then grout the entire tile work and he is out of here.

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