Friday, February 06, 2009

Remodeling Hell

Kitchen cupboards are like any other closet. You never know how much you have stashed in them, until you have to empty them out completely and find a place to store all that crap for an indefinite period of time. Ron did the lion's share of clearing them out while I read student theses, but we completed the finishing touches this afternoon in time for the cabinet man to remove them all. The tiles arrived, sitting in the hallway, in front of one the two doors to our bedroom. Now that they are here, they look different than in the lighting of the showroom. God, I hope we did not make a mistake. However, the choices here are not the extensive range as in the States, so we were not as flummoxed when making choices. The cabinet man and his brother showed at 3:00 pm. By 8:00 pm, not only did they remove the cabinets, but the sink, the stove, and the fridge. The kitchen is empty except for the table, but we removed the inserts making it comfortable for two rather than eight. This is what our kitchen looks like in stages of mass destruction. I had forgotten the hideous green that it was painted when we first moved in here.

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