Friday, February 06, 2009

And Now the Fun Begins

Yesterday, we went down to the tile store and shock upon shock, the tiles were in on the day they were promised. Good timing. The cabinet man is coming today to take off all of the cabinets. Tomorrow, the tile man is coming to remove all of the wall and floor tiles. He was over a few nights ago to remove a part of one tile to check the floor underneath. He proclaimed it in great shape, so all systems go. There will be no sleeping in tomorrow morning after 8:00 am, but no worries, I am usually up by 7:00 anyway. Ron will have to make up an hour of his sleep somewhere along the way. We hoped against hope we were going to be able to circumvent this work with guests, but we had a booking I responded to while in Australia and had forgotten about. A young woman arrives on the 11th for five nights. We have a couple coming from Stockton, CA our old neighborhood on the 13th. Because I hate surprises, I sent both of them a warning letter and promised to make their stay as uneventful as possible. The noise should all be over by then, but the kitchen may still be in an uproar. In the meanwhile, I have found an excitingly effective resource for selling things. There is a web site here called Ex-pat Loop For years, I have tried selling old furniture or other things we wanted to dispose of on various local English speaking websites, but without any success. Just by serendipity, I registered and put in an ad for the old sofa bed we replaced in the small bedroom. Within 24 hours, I had four people inquire and ask for pictures. I took pictures, posted them into the ad and last night, the sofa bed found a new home. On Monday, a gentleman is coming to pick up the HP Deskjet V40 I advertised. At this rate, we just may go through our storage unit in the basement and clean out. When we bought the apartment, we bought it furnished, but over the years have been replacing furniture with new items more attuned to our own taste and sensibilities. It is not that I am out to make a killing on these sales, but it does relieve space. The old sofa was clogging our bedroom for more months than I care to remember. Now let's see, what else is hanging around I can sell?

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