Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Long Time Waiting...

Back in June I had to write an update for my book outlining things that have changed since it was published. This is entitled "What's New" followed by the destination and is standard for all Frommer's guide books. This is then posted on their web site and usually is a feature article on their newsletter when it is posted. I waited for months, checking each issue, but it never appeared. During this time, Frommer's online went through a major overhaul, updating the entire web site. Thinking this perhaps was the reason for the delay, I waited with baited breathe, but still it never appeared. Well today, just by chance I looked at their site and viola, there it was What prompted me to look was that Ron was checking out a restaurant here and came across the NY Times travel section review. It is my review from my book. The NY Times has an agreement with Frommer's and what goes into the books, goes online in the NY Times online. So bear in mind, if you are reading the NY Times reviews on a destination, they are from the Frommer's guide of that destination. It would be wonderful if our names were put on it, but they are not.

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