Monday, February 23, 2009

Drip, Drip, Drip

I am beginning to hate pipes, plumbing, faucets, tubes, water, and anything else that needs to be supplied into the apartment by any round tubing. The plumber came again to check on our new faucet in the kitchen. Once turned on, it took a good 30 seconds before it gathered the energy to provide a liquid. We could live with that, but it was when we turned it off and it continued to shower the sink for a full two minutes, we started to drown our sorrows. Seriously, two minutes of a steady gush of water is not normal. We could wash the dinner dishes, turn the water off and then rinse them while waiting for the water to finally quit. A call out to Imre the plumber again, this time add in the new water heater in the large bathroom, and the cold water in the small bathroom to the "To Do" list. This guy must think we have crush on him and purposefully find things to keep him returning. Hardly! He originally said it would be two days work to change out the water heater. Fine, but we would have to work around B and B guests. Imre showed up anyway with a helper. The new expensive kitchen faucet just had issues with our plumbing. We don't get it. When we moved in here, there was a uni-handle faucet, but when it corroded, we replaced it. There has not been a single uni-handle faucet that has worked properly since. We have tried every brand, size, shape, and color, but they refuse to play nice. Once installed and removed, they are no longer returnable, so the plumber-du-jour gets a bonus to take home. Kind of a parting gift for appearing in our comedy of errors. Within three hours, Imre and Imre 2 changed out the faucet, fixed the bathroom faucet, and replaced the hot water heater plus adding new exhaust pipes. All of this for 12,ooo forints ($50.). I gave him 3,000 forints extra as I always do, knowing I need to insulate my plumbing karma. Ron goes into the bathroom two hours later and tells me he thinks the bidet is leaking. Just whack me with a pipe wrench and be done with it. No, it was not the bidet, it was the hot water heater. Drip, drip, drip, every five seconds a drip, timing it like a woman in labor. Too late to call anyone to call Imre. Old towels on the floor, catch the drips, hoping against hope that we don't wake to a flood, we go to bed. For one second, I had doubts about that 3,ooo forint tip. A quick review of our plumbing history assures me it was worth it.

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