Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Hood

Anna, our interpreter whose brother is our cabinet man, sent an e-mail needing the exact measurements of the hood for the stove. This is a bit tricky since our hood is on order, will be three more weeks before its arrival, and the store had no measurements to provide us. We took matters into our own hands and decided to shop elsewhere. Ron went exploring while I was in school, found one locally and had me meet him after I finished for the day. Nice, but no cigar. First of all, they did not have any in stock. Their other store on the Buda side might, but we could not convey that they should call for us store to store. Actually, it was not necessary anyway, this hood was stainless steel and black. The stove is stainless steel and the cabinets are cappuccino. I was not crazy about the black. Some former students had invited me for a beer, so I was going to be tied up in the afternoon, so Ron went exploring on his own. His mission was to find a 60cm wide hood in stainless steel. Simple! He found one and bought it, brought it home, unboxed it and held it in place. It was 2cm too wide. After a little ranting, which I should have videoed since it is a rarity, he decided to return it and buy the 50cm hood instead. When we both returned home, he empty handed, he explained that he thought he smaller hood would look silly. Call Anna and tell her the dilemma. No problem, the cabinets can be adjusted for the 60cm hood, which has been restocked at the store. No, he did not take off to buy it again, we had Michael coming over to watch a movie. Tomorrow is another day for fun and aggravation. In the meanwhile, I was socializing with two former students who had met in one of my classes early on in their academic careers. Both having at least four courses with me and with each other started dating. Their reason for the drink invitation was to announce their engagement now that they have both graduated with a May wedding. They want both Ron and I to attend. They had been at our place for a student Christmas party I used to give each year, so they both know Ron. I was elated at their announcement and am looking forward to their nuptials come May.

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