Monday, May 02, 2011

Counting Down

Generally this is the time of year when I start counting down the weeks left before the semester is over. This year, I have many more things to count down.

Less than 2 weeks: I have been extremely busy redesigning our B and B website with the aid of a wonderful British man, Nigel Hancock who has been my tutor and 'rescue me' guy. So with his extreme aid and many hours on my part, the new site should be ready to launch in the next couple of weeks. If you want a glimpse of the old site for comparison, just go to  

Less than 3 weeks: The semester will be over. My only commitment over the summer is to appear for State Exams (thesis defenses).

Less than 3 weeks: My Blogging and Website class will present their semester's blogs and websites to the public. This is especially exciting since one young woman has been getting comments on her Hungarian cooking blog prompting her to continue it. Another student had posted the name of a microbiology book he enjoyed on his microbiology blog and was contacted by the book's author commending him on his blog. The author is a professor in the US and wants to stay in touch with the student. 

Less than 3 weeks: The last of the Budapest Creativity Group meetings will be over with. This never picked up the momentum I had hoped. I will not continue it next semester. It is like the story of the Little Red Hen. Everyone offered suggestions, some offered to volunteer, but only one student Arpad came through with assistance. Even then, the artist he tried contacting was unresponsive. One of the bookstores offered their space, so I may try a writer's group on a small scale in the future. 

The last countdown that I always dread are the days before the Fulbrighters leave the country for home. We have been close to Dr. Karla Kelsey, Jeff Frawley, and his partner Allison Layfield this semester. Jeff will be around until September, but the ladies will be leaving us sometime in May. Our social life is like Sisyphus in Roman mythology.
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