Monday, March 07, 2011

My Students' Blogs

In my journalism program, I teach a Blogging and Website course. The goal is to get students somewhat exposed to 21st century journalism. One would guess this generation is beyond blogging; however, it is not true here. This is a new experience for many of them at least writing in English. As such, I would like to post their sites here and encourage any and all to visit them, share them, but most importantly COMMENT. Comments will give them the boost to improve knowing there are others reading the blog besides their classmates, friends, and family. With that knowledge, they will take the blog more seriously and hopefully continue beyond this semester. Even if you only visit each one once, a few minutes of your time will be an immeasurable help.

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Costa Rica kayak said...

That's a great idea. At least, it will give your students some idea how blogging goes, on online interaction, and on the exchange of ideas.

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