Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Budapest Travel Tips

Here are some tips that won't make it into video form. Starting in May, BKV, the Budapest transport company announced some improvements in services. The number 6 tram that travel the ring road, will operate all night long. The tram will be monitored by guards for the rowdys. Due to this, the 906 nighttime replacement bus will be discontinued.

The airport bus 200E will continue its service until 1:15 am. No one has informed the drivers, so please do not disturb their nap by trying to buy a ticket on board. Be considerate and purchase it ahead of time.

Buses 7, 7E, 173, and 173E, all within two blocks of us will operate more frequently. Regardless of what the locals believe, this city has some of the best public transport of any major city in the world. 

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