Thursday, March 24, 2011


This morning we migrated to the immigration office to turn in our paperwork for the renewal of our Residency Permits. All four sides of the two sheets of forms were filled in, we had copies of our current residency cards, address cards, and passports. We had all of the originals on hand. 

We bought the special 'stamps' for 2,000 Huf each for each of our applications, but we dared not cut the photos. Vibrating fear warned us that we may cut too large which would not be an issue, but if we were to err on the small side, we would be done in.

Laszlo was waiting for us at our metro stop, which we had to take to the end. From there it was still a twenty minute bus ride and then a walk of two blocks to the office. By the time we arrived, a number of others had beat us there. Our numbers were 28 and 29. How was Laszlo going to bi-locate if we were called close together. Another couple told Laszlo that they had been there for an hour and the numbers had only moved up by one. Yikes!

As luck would have it, we were both called at the same time to desk 3 and 10, opposite sides of the room. Ron's worker was kind enough to agree to handle both of us. Rubber stamp, rubber stamp, rubber date stamp, date stamp with rubber stamping tools, stamp via rubber, glue the stamps, glue the photos, check paper, check paper a second time, a third time, and then ask Laszlo where our other 'stamps' were. 

Well it seemed that we were not give full information. Besides the 2,o0o Huf stamps for the applications, we needed an additional 4,ooo Huf stamp for each of our identity cards. Of course, these can only be purchased at a post office. Logic be damned, they don't sell them there where they are needed. That would be too easy. 

With a post office three blocks away, Laszlo went to get the stamps while she finished our paperwork. I would have taken bets of which of them crossed the finish line first. To my surprise, Laszlo won the race. Europeans are rubber stamp happy. Everything has to be rubber stamped 9 times with 9 different rubber stamps, but don't forget that everything has to be done in quantities of 5, so that is forty-five stamp actions. It is a surprise there are not more incidents of stampers elbow injuries. 

All is well. We return on April 26th at 11am to get our cards. She initially made it the 25th, but fortunately I had asked what day of the week it was. Then she realized it was Easter Monday, a holiday. I can imagine going over hill and dale to get there to find it closed. 

It was easier than anticipated, though everyone said it would be. However as you can see, it still takes a little piece out of us.

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