Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Airport by Any Other Name Smells Just as Smoggy

A bill was passed in Parliment last night renaming the now former Budapest's International Ferihegy Airport to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. This was done to honor the 200 year anniversary of his birth in 1811. The parliamentary action was part of an energy bill, so the bill passed with 231 yes votes and 71 no votes. 

The official date for the change to take place has not been announced, but any passengers with tickets listing the old airport name will be re-routed once they reach Budapest. A special airport shuttle bus will be provided to do a full circumference drive around the airport grounds until you are oriented to the name change. At that time, you will then be free to find your own transportation to your next destination. However, be forewarned that if your are leaving from Budapest International Ferihegy Airport, you should allow an additional twenty minutes for the reorientation bus ride before you are allowed to check-in for your flight. 

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Farkas Árpád said...

As a fan of Liszt, I am not against the new name. However, I am sure that the change will take a very long time for people to process.
T-Mobile has been T-mobile for over five years now, but a few people keep referring to it as Westel.

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